Notice of General Meeting and Public Hearings

Please take notice that Community Board 11 will hold its general meeting on:

Date: Thursday, April 11, 2019
Time: 7:30 PM
*Place: St. Finbar Msgr. Scanlan Center
1839 Bath Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11214

Public Hearing
I. ULURP #C190164ZMK
273 Avenue U Rezoning

In the matter of an application submitted by Ciarafour Realty, LLC, for an amendment of the Zoning Map, Section 28c changing from an R5B District to an R6A District property bounded by a line 100 feet northerly of Avenue U, McDonald Avenue, Avenue U and Lake Street.

II. BSA Calendar No. 2019-42-BZ
6502 18th Avenue
Block 5553 Lot 40

The applicant seeks a special permit to allow a physical culture establishment within a portion of the existing commercial building.

III. ULURP #N 180416 ECK
M Star Hong Kong Cafe
6224 18th Avenue

The applicant seeks a renewal of a revocable consent to operate an enclosed sidewalk cafe consisting of 4 tables and 16 seats.

IV. Big Apple Bath Beach Inc
1751 Bath Avenue

Presentation by the applicant and/or property owner regarding the plans for the previously submitted notification, advising that they are seeking approval from the NYC Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse to operate a Chemical Dependence Outpatient Program.