Brooklyn Community Board 11

Monthly Minutes - March 2013

Minutes of Community Board 11's General Meeting and Public Hearing
Held on Thursday, March 14, 2013 at the:
Bensonhurst Center for Healthcare, 1740 84th Street

Table of Contents

The general meeting of Community Board 11 was opened with Assemblyman Peter Abbate having the honor of the pledge.

Public Portion top

Mr. Asher, representing the Bay Parkway Community Job Center, thanked the community for their support. The area in which the day laborers organized on Bay Parkway at the water’s edge suffered damage due to Hurricane Sandy. He stated that without the help of Marnee Elias-Pavia the workers would be back out on the street corners waiting for work.

Mr. Asher further advised that as workers and members of this community they are here to offer any assistance they can provide.

Sara Steinweiss, representing Councilman Gentile, advised that the Councilman voted against recent legislation that places a cap of $500 on the amount of fines that a mobile food vendor can receive for violations. The Councilman feels that there are inequities in the law and there is not a level playing field between brick and mortar restaurants and mobile food vendors.

She further advised that the Councilman co-sponsored legislation that would waive fees for small businesses recovering from damage caused by Hurricane Sandy; the Community Board’s request to rename 82nd Street and 15th Avenue in memory of Karen Barone has been signed into legislation and the ceremony will be held on June 12th; and the Councilman is organizing Spring community clean-up events to address graffiti in the community.

Sylvia Maraia, representing Councilman Recchia, advised that the Mayor’s Office of Housing Recovery Operations in partnership with the Robin Hood Foundation and the Red Cross sponsor a $15 million mold-clean-up effort for those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Informational flyers are available.

She further advised that she has informational brochures available for those interested in the weatherization program, childhood intervention services offered by the Department of Education, and domestic violence literature.

A representative from the Brooklyn Public Library, Highlawn Branch advised that libraries in coastal neighborhoods suffered significant damage during the storm and require extensive rehabilitation. Repairs are being made and they hope to re-open as soon as possible.

It was further reported that the Mayor’s proposed budget calls for the reduction of operating monies for the Brooklyn Public Library, which would result in the lowest level of library services. In closing, the public was advised that Brooklyn Public Library is committed to the communities that they serve.

Maya Kremen, representing Congressman Grimm, advised that the Small Business Administration has extended the application deadline to March 28th for individuals and businesses affected by Hurricane Sandy to apply for loans.

She additionally advised that small businesses that suffered economic injury due to the storm may be eligible for an SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan.

Jane Carey, representing Councilman Greenfield, spoke regarding Participatory Budgeting. She advised that the time has come to vote on the projects that the community has identified as important to their neighborhood. The projects that will be on the ballot are countdown clocks at major intersections, street resurfacing and improving pedestrian safety at PS 682. Voting will take place on April 3-5th at the District Office and at community based organizations throughout the 44th District.

In closing she thanked all those who participated.

Liam McCabe, representing Congressman Grimm, advised that the Congressman’s amendment to the House's FY 2013 National Defense Authorization Act preserved the funding for the Weapons of Mass Destruction Response Team at Fort Hamilton, as well as other installations.

Mr. McCabe further advised that the Congressman is opposed to the TSA’s lifting of the ban on knives on airplanes and will be aggressively fighting this decision.

In closing Mr. McCabe advised that the Congressman supports the call for an Emergency Room at the site of Victory Memorial Hospital and will be working on the federal level on this issue.

Julia Knobloch, representing the Fire Department’s Community Affair Division, reminded residents that with the changing of clocks for Daylight Savings Time they should also change the batteries in their smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Batteries are available o the table.

Olga Fiore, representing Senator Savino, advised that their office suffered damage during Hurricane Sandy and would be reopening this Monday. She further advised that the Mayor’s Special Initiative for Rebuilding and Resiliency will be holding a public workshop for South Brooklyn on March 19, 2013 at 7:00 PM at Abraham Lincoln High School, 2800 Ocean Parkway. The workshop is informative and provides a discussion for rebuilding South Brooklyn.

Ms. Quen, representing Shen Yun Performing Arts, will be performing at Lincoln Center. Shen Yun through music and dance brings over 5,000 years of Chinese culture to the stage.

The Chairman inquired if anyone else from the public sought recognition. Hearing none, a motion was made by Laurie Windsor to close the public portion of the meeting. Seconded by Claudio DeMeo. Unanimously adopted.

Assemblyman Peter Abbate top

The Assemblyman advised that he has been in Albany working on the budget. He stated that he, as well as his colleagues from New York City are working diligently to make restorations to programs in areas of Mental Health, Libraries and Education. In addition, $100 million was allocated in the budget to ensure that SUNY Downstate operates. He stated that he is committed to making sure that our hospitals stay open and hopes to see an emergency room at the site of Victory Memorial Hospital.

Chairman's Report top

Mr. Guarinello thanked the administration of the Bensonhurst Home for Rehabilitation and Nursing for hosting Community Board 11’s monthly meetings and for the evening’s collation.

The Chairman thanked Assemblyman Abbate for his work in Albany and for perfect attendance at the Community Board meetings.

Mr. Guarinello congratulated Stephen Agosta, of the 62nd Precinct, on his well deserved and long overdue promotion to Detective.

The Chairman reported that we held a joint meeting with Community Board 10 and elected officials to discuss healthcare. He advised that following that meeting a press conference was held calling for an emergency room at the site of Victory Memorial Hospital. Following that press conference, a segment aired on WABC News, showing the overcrowded conditions of Maimonides’ Emergency Room.

The Chairman discussed the importance of including the Victory footprint in any long-term plan for healthcare. He further stated that according to the newly released census figures Brooklyn’s population has had the highest increase in the City.

A motion was made by Man Wai Lau to call upon the Governor to include an emergency room within the footprint of the former Victory Memorial Hospital. Seconded by Eileen LaRuffa. Unanimously adopted.

The Chairman advised that Marnee Elias-Pavia is being honored as part of Congressman Grimm’s Womens History Month celebration.

Mr. Guarinello advised that he and the District Manager attended a meeting with Chief Chan. Some of the issues discussed were overnight parking of commercial vehicles in residential areas and general quality of life issues.

There was discussion regarding commercial vehicles and the time period that the precinct responds.

Deputy Inspector James Rooney top

The Commanding Officer of the 62nd Precinct provided crime statistics. He stated that robberies have increased 30% in an area bounded by 17th Avenue -21st Avenue from 65th Street-Bay Ridge Parkway. In response, Chief Chan, the Commanding Officer of Brooklyn South, has placed the precinct as well as 4 others, in the Burglary Task Force, which provides additional manpower to conduct investigations.

He further advised that 3 men were arrested yesterday with burglary tools, as well as jewelry that were identified by a victim in Flatbush. All 3 were charged in that burglary.

Deputy Inspector Rooney advised that the burglars are gaining access through open windows and unlocked doors. He urged residents to lock all windows and doors.

Street Renamings top

Marnee Elias-Pavia advised that the Parks Committee has met to review street renaming requests. She advised that the New York City Council has strict guidelines that are used when reviewing street renaming requests.

The committee supports the re-naming of 66th Street and 16th Avenue in honor of Linda Romano, Assistant Principal of Shallow JHS, and the renaming of the corner of West 11th Street and Highlawn Avenue in honor of Firefighter William Tropea.

A motion was made by Eileen LaRuffa to approve the renaming of 66th Street and 16th Avenue in honor of Linda Romano. Seconded by Rosa Casella. Unanimously adopted.

A motion was made by Man Wai Lau to approve the renaming of West 11th Street and Highlawn Avenue in honor of Firefighter William Tropea and to waive the public hearings. Seconded by Eileen LaRuffa. Unanimously adopted.

District Manager's Report top

Marnee Elias-Pavia reported that the Parks Department has advised that due to damage to the clubhouse at the Bensonhurst Tennis facility caused by Hurricane Sandy the concessionaire will not be rebuilding and they are moving to terminate the contract. The cleaning of the outdoor tennis courts will be completed by next week and will be operational this season.

She further advised that the feature film London Calling filmed exterior scenes on 82nd and 83rd Street between 15th and 16th Avenues. The film also known as the Amazing Spiderman will be filmed entirely in New York and is scheduled to be released in May, 2014.

The District Manager reported that the Department of Sanitation will be making a Special Passover collection on Monday, March 25th from 6AM to 2PM in the following areas: 14 Avenue – McDonald Avenue from 68th – 61 Street; 14 Avenue to Bay Parkway from 86th Street to 78th Street and 20 Avenue –to Bay Parkway to Stillwell Avenue – 86 Street.

In closing, the District Manager advised that she was attending the Special Initiative for Rebuilding and Resiliency meeting. She stated that it was important with the addition of "V" and "A" designations on the newly released advisory flood maps.

A motion was made by Bart Allegretti to adjourn. Seconded bvy Laurie Windsor. Unanimously adopted.

Attendance top

  • Bart Allegretti
  • Maria Campanella
  • Al Campanelli
  • Rosa Casella
  • Steve Chung
  • Louis Crispiano
  • Sal D’Alessio
  • Claudio DiMeo
  • Mafalda DiMango
  • Eric DiNapoli
  • Marc D’Ottavio
  • Yoketing Eng
  • Charles Farrauto
  • Shirley Fineman
  • John Garvey
  • Yonah Glatzer
  • William R. Guarinello
  • Eileen LaRuffa
  • Man Wai Lau
  • Tim Law
  • Vito Marangelli
  • Vito Marinelli
  • Al Milone
  • Raymond Mollica
  • Vincent Nativo
  • Antonio Troia
  • Sonia Valentin
  • Laurie Windsor
  • Victor Wong
  • Robert Yee
  • Gerald Bertuna
  • Dr. Joseph Caruana
  • Warren Chan
  • Anthony Mallozzi
  • Michael Marks
  • James Orlando
  • Barbara Parisi
  • Salvatore Rao
  • Stan Roher
  • Ross Brady
  • Matthew Bromme
  • Msgr. David Cassato
  • Jerry Chiapetta
  • Vincent Chirico
  • Donald Clark
  • Tom Colasanto
  • Paul DiSpirito
  • Nicholas Miraglia
  • Rabbi Pollack
  • Andrew Wong
  • Yili Zhong
  • Si Qiao Zhong
  • Jo Benfanti
  • Lily Wong - Borough President’s Office
  • Franca Bove - NIA
  • Sara Steinweiss - Councilman Gentile
  • Ellyn Walansky - Senator Felder
  • Olga Fiore - Senator Savino
  • Alfred Ibar
  • Al Fazio - Assemblyman Abbate
  • Inspector James Rooney - 62nd Precinct
  • Liam McCabe - Rep. Grimm
  • Mia Kremen - Rep. Nadler
  • Jane Carey - Councilman Greenfield
  • Julia Knobloch - FDNY
  • Rocco Conti - 13/16 Shore Assn.
  • Mohammed Almathil -M uslim Youth Center
  • Sgt. Richardson - NYPD
  • P.O. Youseff - NYPD
  • Sgt. Caggiano - NYPD
  • Dan Manito - 13/16 Community Assn
  • John Petito