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Minutes of Community Board 11’s General Meeting
Held on September 8, 2005
at the
Holy Family Home, 1740 84th Street.

Table of Content
Public Portion  
Chairman's Report  
Planning and Zoning Committee Report  
Perfect Attendance Awards  
Assemblyman Colton  
District Manager's Report  
New Business  

William R. Guarinello, Chairman opened the general meeting of Community Board 11.

Public Portion

Bob Capano representing Congressman Vito Fossella advised that the opening of the new District Office will take place on September 13th at noon.  The new office is located at 8505 4th Avenue.  As part of the grand opening ceremony on Monday, there will be free glaucoma testing and blood pressure screenings on Tuesday.

Mr. Capano introduced full time staff member Britta Jepsen, who will provide constituent services.

The Chairman inquired if anyone else from the public sough recognition.  Hearing none, a motion was made by Nicholas Miraglia to close the public portion of the meeting.  Seconded by Ella Nigro.  Unanimously adopted. 


A motion was made by Man Wai Lau to accept the minutes of June 7, 2005.  Seconded by Frank Segreto.  Unanimously adopted.

Chairman's Report

Mr. Guarinello welcomed everyone back from the summer hiatus.

The Chairman advised that the 2005/2006 Committee assignments are available this evening.  He further requested that each Chairperson schedules committee meetings through the Community Board office.

Mr. Guarinello advised that during the past few weeks there has been concern regarding the sale of the DeLuca Funeral Home.  The funeral home located at 6014 Bay Parkway, is right outside the boundaries of our district.  The Chairman advised that since residents in our district are worried about what will be built on the site, he has asked the District Manager to monitor the location. 

Mr. Guarinello stressed that since this property is not within the confines of Community Board 11, we can monitor and report to the community but we have no official capacity to intercede.

The Chairman reported that he and Mr. Feuer held a conference call with the United States Department of Labor regarding the issue of day laborers on our streets. 

The Department of Labor advised that they would visit the locations where the day laborers congregate on our streets, in an effort to provide outreach and advise them of the dangers of being picked-up on the street.  They will encourage the men to utilize the Latin American Project, which will provide the workers with some protection. 

In addition, the Department of Labor will begin investigating whether immigrant workers that work in the fruit stands are being paid minimum wages.

Mr. Guarinello thanked Congressman Fossella and Bob Capano for arranging the conference call. 

The Chairman advised that Mothers Against Drunk Driving will be holding a mural re-dedication on September 13th, at Waldbaums, located at 8121 New Utrecht Avenue, at 11 AM.

Mr. Guarinello announced that Saint Finbars would be holding a 9 AM mass on September 12th, in memory of Rachel ‘Frenchie” Paliseno.   Following the mass there will be a dedication naming the street corner of Bay 20th Street and Bath Avenue in her honor. 

The Chairman advised that Councilman Recchia will unveil “Ceasaria ‘Chez’ Soccoa Place”, on Saturday, September 17th at 11 AM, at the corner of West 1st Street and Kings Highway.

Mr. Guarinello welcomed the newly appointed board members:  William Hongach, James Lee, and Anthony Mallozzi.

Planning and Zoning Committee Report

Frank Segreto, Chairman of the Planning and Zoning Committee reported that on June 23rd the Bensonhurst Contextual Rezoning application was approved by the City Council.  On that date, all foundations in the rezoned area had to be complete in order to utilize the old zoning designation.

Community Board 11 received notification from the Board of Standards and Appeals that four (4) locations filed an application for an extension of time to complete construction in an area that has recently been rezoned from a R6 designation.  The locations are:  103 Quentin Road, 1671 West 10th Street, 6422 Bay Parkway, and 6210, 6214 and 6218 24th Avenue.

Mr. Segreto advised that this type of filing did not require a public hearing; however, due to substantial community involvement in the rezoning process, the Board felt that community input was both necessary and desirable.

The Public Hearing was held on September 1st, at Saint Athanasius located on Bay Parkway at 61st Street, and was attended by approximately 200 residents. 

The applicants stated that if the foundation work is substantially complete, they could qualify for an extension of time, which essentially means they can stop the “clock”. 

Assemblyman Colton upon review of the West 10 Street and Quentin Road applications noted that the filings were beyond the 30-day period as required. 

Mr. Segreto recommended that the requests for extension of time to complete foundations be denied.

Man Wai Lau made a motion to deny the applications for an extension of time to complete construction in an area that has been rezoned from a R6 designation.  Seconded by Bart Allegretti.  Unanimously adopted.

Mr. Guarinello thanked Assemblyman Colton and the Board for their work on this application.

Perfect Attendance Awards

Camille Socci, representing Borough President Mary Markowitz presented perfect attendance awards for 2004, to the following board members:  Bart Allegretti, Jerry Bertuna, Billy Cerbelli, Jerry Chiapetta, Tom Colasanto, Leone Demolfetto, Mafalda DiMango, Shirley Fineman, William Guarinello, Milton Kramer, Guy LaMonaca, Man Wai Lau, Ella Nigro, Nick Miraglia, Barbara Parisi, Rabbi Pollack, John Raffaele, Frank Segreto, Angelo Siciliano, and Anthony Troia.

Assemblyman Colton

The Assemblyman congratulated the members for having the best attendance record among Brooklyn community boards.

Assemblyman Colton commended the Board for their leadership regarding the recent rezoning and the position the board took in regard to the four applications filed for an extension of time to complete foundations.

District Manager's Report

Howard Feuer reported that since the Board recessed for the summer, the City Council adopted the Bensonhurst contextual text amendment on June 23rd.  Mr. Feuer stressed that this plan was not perfect but it was the best that we could accomplish.   In addition, the elected officials that represent our district have committed to rezone the remainder of Bensonhurst. 

The District Manager advised that Councilmen Recchia, Gentile and Oddo, from our district, have co-sponsored Intro. 679 which was introduced by Council Member Avella which would establish a building moratorium in communities that are about to be rezoned. 

Mr. Feuer explained that if Intro 679 were in effect when Community Board 11 was in the ULURP process we would not have had the rush to demolish buildings and self certify new building applications.

The District Manager advised that he would like to testify at the hearing on behalf of the board. 

A motion was made by Man Wai Lau to authorize the District Manager to testify before the Housing and Buildings Committee, in support of Intro. 679.  Seconded by Frank Segreto.  Unanimously adopted.  

Mr. Feuer advised that the reconstruction of the eastbound Shore Parkway service road and exit at Shore Parkway is in progress.  This project is expected to be completed before the holiday embargo, which begins the week before Thanksgiving.  The remainder of work, which is minor, will be completed in the spring. 

The District Manager added that the issue of the day laborers refusing to relocate from foot of Bay Parkway and Shore Parkway might have been resolved.  It appears that the owners of Caesars Bay Bazaar have offered space on their property for the temporary relocation of the Latin American Workers Project.

Mr. Feuer thanked the principals of Caesars Bay Bazaar for their generosity.

The District Manager advised that prior to the commencement of Capital Project SEK002318, which calls for the replacement of sanitary, storm sewers and water mains, on 86th Street, KeySpan Energy had to relocate gas mains.

During the relocation of gas mains, KeySpan had to dig trenches in the sidewalks.  Mr. Feuer advised that upon inspection, he found that the cement work that was performed by KeySpan’s subcontractor was unacceptable. A meeting was held this week and we were informed that KeySpan has agreed to replace the sidewalks beginning September 19th.  

Mr. Feuer advised that the Department of Transportation recently made lane changes on Bay Parkway Northbound between Cropsey Avenue and the Belt Parkway westbound service road. 

The right hand lane was converted to a dedicated right hand turn only lane.  This change has caused  the vehicles turning onto Bay Parkway from the westbound exit to turn into the middle lane.  There is only enough room for four or five cars, which is causing the service road to backup onto the Belt Parkway. 

Mr. Feuer advised that he has contacted Councilman Recchia, who is sending a letter to DOT.  In addition, Captain Cangiarella of the 62nd Precinct concurs that the change in the traffic pattern is dangerous.

A motion was made by Ray Mollica to call upon the Department of Transportation  to revert the traffic pattern on Bay Parkway between the Belt Parkway westbound service road and Cropsey Avenue.  Seconded by Ella Nigro.  Unanimously adopted.

Mr. Feuer advised that Councilman Felder has secured 1.6 million dollars to renovate Seth Low Park.  The Parks Department is in the process of preparing a scope of the work to be performed, which will include new play equipment, safety mats, and a new sprinkler area.

Mr. Feuer added the trial dog run the board approved a few years ago is not in good condition.  The Parks Department does not have the funds to upgrade the area and maintain it properly.

A motion was made Don Clark and seconded to remove the trial dog run. Unanimously adopted.

Mr. Feuer announced that the four applications for an extension of time to complete foundations is scheduled before the Board of Standards and Appeals on September 20th, at 40 Rector Street, Room E, at 10 AM.

New Business

Jerry Chiapetta thanked Howard Feuer for having the city contract restored for AMICO that was slated to be virtually eliminated by the city.

Antonio Troia has advised that he has received complaints from the merchants of New Utrecht Avenue regarding deplorable conditions.  The merchants have requested graffiti removal and new lighting. 

Mr. Feuer advised that has been in contact with the Borough President’s Office to discuss the implementation of a task force to address the issues on New Utrecht Avenue.

John Raffaele made a motion to adjourn.  Seconded by Tony Troia.  Unanimously adopted.

Present: Absent: Excused: Guests:
Bart Allegretti Steve Camstra Louis Crispiano Molly Clark
Leonard Beninson David Gordon Richard DiNapoli Helen Clark
Gerald Bertuna Jack Hazan Michael Ferrier Lauren Clark
Ross Brady William Hongach Eileen LaRuffa Meghan Clark
Al Companelli Anthony Neglia Peter Mugavero Faye Petras
Maria Campanella Gina Romano   Luke Vander Linden - Young Rep.
Dr. Joe Caruana Carlo Scisscura   Britta Jepsen - Cong. Fossella
Billy Cerbelli Thomas Victoria   Frances DiMarco
Jerry Chiapetta     Al Fazio - Assembly. Abbate
Don Clark     Salvatore Catalano
Tom Colasanto     Rochelle Stella
Leone Demolfetto     Lucille Santano
Mafalda DiMango     Andrew Santano
Joseph DiSanto      
Shirley Fineman      
Sarra Fronshtein      
Angel Geraldi      
William Guarinello      
Milton Kramer      
Guy LaMonaca      
Man Wai Lau      
James Lee      
Anthony Mallozzi      
Corrado Manfredi      
Rosalee Manitta      
Raymond Mollica      
Frank Naccaratto      
Ella Nigro      
Barbara Parisi      
Rabbi Gary Pollack      
John Raffaele      
Stan Roher      
Frank Segreto      
Angelo Siciliano      
Antonio Troia      
Louisa Verito      
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